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The plumbing system in your home is critical to both you and your family’s comfort and health. Routine plumbing maintenance can help to protect your plumbing system from damage and extend its life, while preventing leaks, clogs and other major problems. While some plumbing system maintenance is relatively simple and can be done yourself, it is best for you to have the help of an experienced maintenance plumber.

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A running toilet or a leaky faucet can end up costing you hundreds of dollars. Check your water bill and how often your water is running. If you find your kitchen faucet dripping non-stop and your water bill continues to rise, you may have a leak! The expert team of plumbers at Lyons will get the problem fixed fast!

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If you’re having an issue with your pipes or plumbing, then you need the best plumber. Don’t wait, call Lyons Plumbing right away! We have plumbers on call and ready to be at your door as soon as possible, even for emergency plumbing and other repairs.

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"The best in the business and comes with the highest recommendation for fairness and honesty. Every job has been handled with the greatest of care."
"Can diagnosis what the cause to a major or minor problem is, and he fixes, repairs all my plumbing issues. Steve is extremely knowledgeable and reliable."
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